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No two organizations use business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) resources in exactly the same way.. One company may have its data spread across the organization in different data marts & data warehouses while others may have an enterprise data warehouse. One company might utilize a few essential BI tools fairly consistently across the enterprise, while another might rely on a complex array of overlapping reporting and analysis tools.

With BI/DW products being acquired by larger software firms and “big data” solution providers marketing their own solutions and new BI and visualization tools being introduced all the time, it is harder and harder to make sense of it all.

Through our business intelligence tool rationalization and evaluation services, HARKEN DATA provides expert, unbiased guidance and advice. Our strong relationships with the leading BI and DW technology providers allow us to develop our recommendations using a vendor-neutral approach. We offer our clients the following services to ensure they select the product that is right for them:

  • Tool Evaluation – Defining and prioritizing DW/BI requirements, evaluating the vendor landscape, and selecting the tool or tools that best fit client’s business objectives and overall IT strategy
  • Tool Rationalization – Helping an organization make sense of its multiple-tool infrastructure, and delivering an actionable strategy for rationalizing usage of DW/BI products

Our experience and expertise in business intelligence tool rationalization and evaluation will allow your organization to benefit from:

  • Making and validating the right tool selection, informed by HARKEN DATA’s proven DW/BI selection/rationalization framework, which incorporates a relative TCO comparison over 5-year period
  • Leveraging HARKEN DATA’s tool vendor partnerships to gain full vendor participation and timely attention
  • Lowering risk, by using expert consultants who understand how DW/BI vendors implement the complex features

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