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One of the great challenges in creating an effective business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) environment is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That is why at HARKEN DATA, we specialize in creating business intelligence strategy and architecture that allows our clients make fact-based improvements based on their unique situation, industry standards and best practices in BI and DW. This allows organizations to align their systems with the organizational goals, and drive more informed decision-making capabilities throughout the enterprise.

That’s why at HARKEN DATA, our business intelligence strategy offering helps clients drive their DW/BI program from the enterprise vision and goals through a process of utilizing data to create value. We take a methodical approach to (1) drilling down through the decisions that a client’s employees need to make to run their business and (2) the business questions that must be asked to the (3) data that supports those decisions. Once these items are known, it is much easier to determine the business intelligence architecture kinds of technologies and tools that must be employed to achieve success.

Organizations face the constant pressure to improve performance management goals throughout the enterprise to reduce risks, improve operational efficiencies, grow sales, and build competitive differentiation. HARKEN DATA brings exceptional in-depth knowledge and expertise in constructing and optimizing various BI solutions on the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family. HARKEN DATA has the unique ability to leverage Teradata’s expandable data architecture that includes:

  • High-performance, high availability multi-dimensional scalability (e.g. mixed workload, concurrent users, query complexity, data volume and freshness)
  • 2 Blend historical and near real-time data for optimal decisions and actions
  • 3 Proactively manage and take advantage of continually evolving data sources

Our consultants have deep familiarity with the business issues facing clients in a number of industries and vertical markets, giving them insight into widely shared challenges and operational requirements. In addition, our consultants’ experience and expertise in business intelligence strategy and architecture will allow your organization to:

  • Increase stakeholder buy-in, with a detailed BI roadmap that allows feedback to be leveraged early
  • Make better investment decisions, guided by a strategy emphasizing manageable increments for quick business value
  • Focus BI initiatives on areas of greatest value to stakeholders, and defer or eliminate areas of limited value
  • Provide an understanding of requirements to support architecture decisions and prevent over- or under-investing
  • Drive BI architecture decisions that enable analytical capabilities to be added incrementally as opportunities arise

HARKEN DATA business intelligence strategy provides a “Rapid Time to Value” service will enable you to quickly develop a high-level business vision, BI architecture, and BI roadmap to help you maximize the return on your present and future BI investments.

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