Business Intelligence and Performance Management Metrics for Better, More Strategic Business Decisions

Every organization has key performance metrics that can provide insight into the health of the enterprise — including performance measures such as financial performance, marketing results, customer care and a host of other measures. In many organizations, however, there are multiple versions of these measures — varying assessments of the same metric, whether caused by different methods of calculation, disparate assumptions or other variables.

In such cases, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming for management to gather the metrics needed for reporting, let alone metrics that are consistent and that everyone agrees to. In some instances, the stakes can be even higher: a company could run the risk of sending incorrect figures to external audiences such as financial regulators or shareholders.

HARKEN DATA’s expertise in business intelligence performance management provides an elegant solution. Following the HARKEN DATA Way, our proven methodology, we work with clients to understand their business needs, determine where the data needed for the key metrics currently resides, and identify any gaps, conflicts or other issues that must be addressed. We then create a detailed strategy and roadmap to configure the business intelligence tools and governance required to ensure your organization can trust the data. Finally , we develop the business rules and automated processes to gather, analyze and deliver the data in the form of reports, dashboards or other formats based on the needs of the organization.

In addition to our leading-edge understanding of BI tools and technology and our vendor-neutral approach, what sets HARKEN DATA apart is our deep understanding of our clients’ business issues, based on our industry. experience and expertise. By understanding the types of metrics and implementations that have worked for other organizations in our client’s field, we’re able to provide effective, meaningful solutions far more efficiently.

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