Mobile Business Intelligence: Making Smartphones Even Smarter.

With the development of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, organizations have a variety of new opportunities to equip their workers with access to mobile business intelligence (BI) — wherever they’re located.

Not long ago, BI was primarily limited to providing users with access to websites where they could view data and run reports. But increasingly, business users across the organization want to have the same user experience from their BI applications via Web, mobile phone or tablet device, regardless of the platform used. The BI user expects full interactivity with a wide range of reporting, analysis and visualization tools to get real-time, bi-directional data access to make decisions anytime, anywhere.

At HARKENDATA, we are helping clients meet user expectations and stay ahead of this paradigm shift. We specialize in developing reports and providing analytics that are customized for the specific mobile devices used by each business user. By doing so, we help clients improve their employees’ ability to get the information they need to make decisions, wherever they are. Just as importantly, they are able to make these decisions in real time and uniform corporate data. Equipped with our mobile Data Intelligence Solutions, the entire organization benefits from better decision-making capabilities and greater productivity for a mobile workforce.

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