Business Intelligence Implementation Services that Ensure Long Term Client Success.

At HARKEN DATA, we offer a wide range of business intelligence implementation services — encompassing all aspects of data management, data warehousing, reporting and analytics — to ensure our clients derive the maximum amount of value from their business intelligence investments.

In addition to being experts in designing and deploying data warehouse and Data Intelligence Solutions, HARKEN DATA has earned a reputation for a high level of technical competence and business acumen. In each of our projects, we provide clients with extensive BI/DW consulting expertise with deep industry-specific knowledge to find underlying business challenges and opportunities.

Guided by this expertise, a solid methodology and a vendor-neutral approach, we’re able to help clients select the best tools and solutions to meet their needs, and incorporate best practices learned through hundreds of business intelligence implementation services engagements.

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Our Business Intelligence Services

Power BI

Amazing things can be done with Power BI. While it is designed to be an intuitive self-service tool for non-technical analysts, it has so many powerful,

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Mobile Business Intelligence

With the development of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, organizations have a variety of new opportunities to equip their workers with

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Managed Services

Business intelligence can be a powerful resource for your organization to use in accomplishing its mission — but it can also become a challenge to manage and

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Geospatial Business Intelligence

Until fairly recently, organizations have primarily used business intelligence (BI) solutions to analyze information within their enterprise regarding who

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Application Migration Upgrade

Sooner or later, every organization that has invested in business intelligence (BI) solutions faces the challenge of migrating or upgrading their

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Financial Performance Management

Building powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities — especially in the area of financial performance management (FPM) — requires much more

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