Our Business Intelligence Migration and Upgrade Services Help You Maximize your BI investment.

Sooner or later, every organization that has invested in business intelligence (BI) solutions faces the challenge of migrating or upgrading their business intelligence tool and/or data warehouse platform. Our business intelligence migration and upgrade services can help such organizations maximize the benefits they receive from their investments, while minimizing any disruptions and risks that could result from trying to retool their BI systems themselves.

In cases where our client is replacing a BI application or upgrading an existing BI tool, we can help by providing expert management of targeted applications through the HARKEN DATA Way development lifecycle. With a deep understanding of the most widely-used BI tools and close relationships with the leading BI vendors, our consultants are uniquely positioned to manage the entire process, from requirements analysis to deployment in the target BI platform. Key steps include:

  • Examine existing business intelligence migration requirements
  • Define requirements to deploy migrated application in targeted BI tool
  • Identify gaps between requirements and capabilities of targeted BI tool
  • Design and deploy a solution that accommodates BI application migration

In other cases, we can help by executing a business intelligence application upgrade. Our experience and knowledge in this area allow us to design and implement a BI upgrade roadmap that brings a client’s BI platform up to date with the latest version of a vendor’s BI software, without risking an interruption in day-to-day operations. Key steps include:

  • Gather and understand short and long term BI requirements based on current and future business objectives
  • Examine existing BI application
  • Identify gaps and report requirements
  • Design and implement BI upgrade

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