A Business Intelligence Competency Center Can Help You Maximize Your ROI.

Is your organization getting the most out of the investments you’ve made in business intelligence (BI) technology, tools and talent? If you’re not sure, then creating a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) may be just the solution you need.

Chances are, you’ve already invested time and effort in implementing BI tools and processes in your organization. However, if you’re like many companies, the real impact of your investment may be less than desired. There may be wasted efforts, steeper than necessary learning curves, inconsistent priorities from different functions or business units, difficulty complying with security and privacy policies and inconsistent use of data for decision-making. The possible reasons for such results can be many, and include:

  • Program governance that is lacking, or reporting functions that are inconsistently deployed
  • Users throughout the organization building reports and conducting analysis from siloed sources without inter-department coordination
  • Multiple BI tools being used, with little or no management of the overall BI investment
  • Business users and IT staffs becoming frustrated with each other’s role in the process

At HARKEN DATA, we recommend taking an approach to BI deployment that includes the implementation of a centralized function of business and IT professionals who together constitute a Business Intelligence Competency Center. The BICC acts as a ‘hub’ for development, implementation, governance and support for BI functions. In most organizations, these functions include architecture and design, data management, BI methodologies, skills, tools, metadata, models, organizational alignment, advanced analytics and data warehouse performance. The BICC also lets you use your data far more effectively and, as a result, gives you the return on investment you may be missing.

Creating a BICC is not a ‘one-size fits all’ proposition. HARKEN DATA helps assess and analyze a customer’s existing BI infrastructure/environment against best practices captured from hundreds of BI engagements, and then assists in organizing a BICC that is customized for that organization. Depending on your needs, HARKEN DATA can help your organization by:

  • Creating a realistic scope for your BICC
  • Conducting effective change management activities
  • Defining roles, processes and targeted standards based on industry best practices
  • Developing and implement a roll-out plan for the new BICC
  • Staffing your BICC with consultants skilled in data migration, data management, BI solution development and analytical application support

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