Our Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment Lets You Know Exactly Where You Stand.

Do you ever wonder how your business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) environment compares to other companies and what steps should you be taking to progress your analytics platform? At HARKEN DATA, we have helped clients with conducting comprehensive a Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment of their business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) environments and compare those findings to other organizations in their industry. As a result, our clients gain insight of where they area and more importantly the steps they need to take in order to achieve improved information quality and better decision-making.

To maximize the value of this service, HARKEN DATA provides an unbiased, unfiltered, comprehensive assessment that is professionally investigated and documented by BI/DW experts. All findings are analyzed, scored and presented in a formal report with maturity indicators provided against four areas:

  • User – Assessing the BI environment from the user’s perspective, we look at user autonomy (independence), availability of data and analytics, training and support
  • Organization – Evaluating the overall BI organization in terms of funding, project standardization, functional roles, ROI and overall approach to learning
  • Technical – Appraising the organization’s BI/decision support technology, analytic capabilities, architecture practice, and data acquisition and integration
  • Data – Gauging data coverage, acquisition, integration, quality and management, as well as logical and semantic data modeling, data governance and stewardship

Our experience and expertise in business intelligence tool rationalization and evaluation will allow your organization to benefit from:

  • Making and validating the right tool selection, informed by HARKEN DATA’s proven DW/BI selection/rationalization framework, which incorporates a relative TCO comparison over 5-year period
  • Leveraging HARKEN DATA’s tool vendor partnerships to gain full vendor participation and timely attention
  • Lowering risk, by using expert consultants who understand how DW/BI vendors implement the complex features

Our BI Maturity Assessment services positions organizations to make measurable improvements based on industry standards and best practices in BI and DW. With these insights, organizations identify the specific enterprise-class BI/DW capabilities and the required next steps to drive more informed and advantageous decision-making capabilities throughout the enterprise.

To learn more about our strategy services and the HARKEN DATA Way (our proprietary methodology), please review our website or contact us.

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