Retail Data Intelligence Solutions that Create True Competitive Advantage.

Most retailers are facing ever-increasing competition, a weak economy and constant pressure to optimize performance using fewer resources. These are serious challenges — but spread throughout every retail organization lies a wealth of information about supply chains, customers, internal operations, sales and finances that, when analyzed, can provide critical decision-making capabilities to drive operational efficiencies across the organization.

For some time, HARKEN DATA has helped leading retailers utilize our retail Data Intelligence Solutions to address their information analysis needs, and today, it has grown into a robust and complex discipline. What’s more, while other BI firms have helped retailers analyze past performance, today HARKENDATA is helping retail leaders to generate comprehensive insights about their enterprise in real time, helping them plan more accurately and improve all aspects of their business.

HARKEN DATA provides retail organizations with BI solutions that help them stay ahead of competition and achieve new levels of operational excellence. Our expertise in retail business intelligence enables our clients to gain insight into a broad range of subject areas including:

  • Sales & Category Performance
  • Store Performance Management
  • Inventory/In-Stock Optimization
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Loss Prevention/Detection
  • Store Layout Optimization
  • Assortment Planning
  • Product Affinity/Market Basket
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Vendor Management
  • Traffic & Conversion Trends
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis

HARKEN DATA offers retailers solutions that turn their information assets into actionable insight, helping to improve decision-making at every level and enabling retailers to:

  • Enable managers, even at the store level, gain better insight and control over operations by developing a variety of visualization tools accessible by mobile devices
  • Gain better insights into customers’ ability to access the retailer’s services, products and locations through the application of geospatial business intelligence technology
  • Improve the efficiency of retail operations by using BI to analyze promotions, markdowns, store layouts, and transactions while maintaining competitive position and minimizing loss
  • Increase enterprise productivity by understanding and examining employee performance, store P&Ls, sales and inventory forecasts and comparisons of budget vs. actual expenses
  • Better understand customer buying behavior by analyzing promotions, loyalty programs and marketing campaigns across customer segments, as well as customer satisfaction and market basket composition
  • Enhance the movement and levels of inventory across the supply chain (and reduce shrink) by better managing inventory, vendors, product costing, merchandise planning and distribution center operations

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