With the myriad of data integration, BI, and DW vendors in the marketplace – it is difficult to decipher fact from fiction. Complicating matters further for companies, too many BI services firms focus on specific tools and platforms and lack the ability to provide the best solution for their clients.

As a firm that is exclusively focused on BI, we hold active partnerships with key ETL, data warehouse, and BI technology vendors. HARKENDATA adopts a vendor-neutral approach when designing and delivering enterprise Data Intelligence Solutions. Each vendor’s product development strategy has implications for hardware, software and personnel investments over a multi-year deployment roadmap so our deep knowledge of the current capabilities and future plans for these vendors, helps select the best solution for our clients.

Our emphasis is on constructing the right solution for each client situation. This means we implement the best set of platforms, integration tools, or business intelligence suites that meet our customer’s business, technology, and budgetary needs. When you need business intelligence consulting and data warehousing services that will elevate your business, HARKENDATA is the clear choice.

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