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Improve operational efficiency, generate revenue growth, reduce costs, gain a competitive advantage, and attract, retain & grow customer relationship and personalization are only some of the reasons why Communication service providers (CSPs) need to analyze and understand their customers’ needs, usage, behavior patterns, content consumption patterns, as well as internal costs to maintain their infrastructure.

HARKEN DATA’s Communications Data Intelligence Solutions assist CSPs in the areas of customer management, network intelligence, revenue management, finance and performance management and information management regardless if you provide wireline and/or wireless voice service, internet data services and/or entertainment services to consumer and business subscribers.

HARKEN DATA’s industry and analytic consultants have deep experience in the telecommunications industry with experience in land-line, wireless and multi-media. Our consultants bring both a business consulting approach using subject matter and BI experts that will assist you in developing an optimized business intelligence platform to support your tactical and strategic initiatives. Specifically HARKEN DATA can assist with you with:

  • Customer Management – focusing on driving ARPU and new customer growth while reducing churn and cost.
  • Network Intelligence – enabling network managers to continuous monitor and improve performance across network including a single view of network across multiple vendor technologies.
  • Financial Insight – providing a portfolio of best-in-class analytical solutions that address four Financial cornerstones of a CSP:
    • Profitability
    • Revenue Management
    • Cost Management
    • Revenue Assurance
  • Regulatory Compliance – providing CSPs with efficient and optimized usage transaction (CDR, xDRs, IP) access to support regulatory mandates.
  • Contact Center Intelligence – provides powerful new analytics for the contact center professionals to increase customer satisfaction and outcomes.

HARKEN DATA can help addresses all aspects of the Communication business intelligence initiative, from planning, design and implementation, to ongoing support and maintenance. To learn more how we have helped your peers overcome their BI challenges, please visit our case studies or contact us.

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