Why To Hire An Engineering Staffing Firm

Without spending money, resources on an in-house HR team or on an in-house recruitment process, you will be able to hire the best engineers from the industry.

Speed up your recruitment process by almost 38% and use the saved time in other core operations of your business.

Outsource engineering staffing to find the cream of the crop by implementing cost-efficient, effective strategies. Harken Data will make sure you are able to create a base of qualified, talented and a creative workforce.

Why Choose us ?

Reliable Quality Performance

By working with Harken Data, you can realize service excellence delivered at its best level of performance; through a completely scalable and flexible range of engineering staffing services. The world-class engineering staffing services are led by a team of tenured staff, and that’s how you can be sure about reliable quality performance.

Proven Track Record

Our excellent track record speaks for our excellence in engineering staffing services. Throughout our existence in the industry, we have delivered exceptional engineering staffing services, and we take pride in our excellent and spotless track record.

Technical Staffing Expert

All the professionals working in our engineering staffing team have 2+ years of recruiting experience in the engineering industry, and in addition to this, they even have technical knowledge across different engineering domains. We make sure to assign the most fine-tuned professionals for your engineering staffing services.

Competitive Pricing

You don’t have to worry about your pocket in order to opt for our engineering staffing services. We focus on reducing the recruitment cost of our clients.

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    HARKEN DATA staffing practice has more than a decade of experience providing temporary or permanent employees in a variety of disciplines and skill levels.
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