Improving the process through Manufacturing Analytic Solutions.

In today’s economic uncertainty, identifying quick-win opportunities and improving operations is not only smart but mission critical. There are sustainable competitive advantages for organizations that apply an active manufacturing business intelligence framework to consistently improve the operations and their ROI for operations. Furthermore, executives are demanding a comprehensive view of what is driving the business across functional groups and lines of business, the availability of product, and order details to allow the organization to focus on the key areas needing attention.

HARKENDATA has built world-class BI solutions that cover supply and demand chain management, finance, customer relationship management, order fulfillment metrics, campaign management and operations. With HARKENDATA’s Manufacturing business intelligence services you spend less time finding the data and more time analyzing the data to improving quality and manufacturing performance, reduce manufacturing costs, in addition to reducing the time from problem identification and resolution. Specifically, HARKENDATA can help you with:

  • Supply Chain – consolidate disparate data sources into a single reporting platform so that you have a “single view of the business” for faster business insight.
  • Executive Insight – provide visibility and “headlights” to operational results, revenue information, and other key performance indicators of the company via BI dashboards.
  • Demand Monitoring – incorporating POS data to allow for real-time and replenishment planning to improve fulfillment and improve your investments.
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) – harmonize supply and demand forecast data across multi-hierarchies to synchronize planning and operations systems (ERP, CRM, and APS).
  • Manufacturing Insight – receive real-time manufacturing insight from the plant floor in areas such as shop allocation, machine profitability, etc.
  • Trade Promotions – improve trade promotion effectiveness through linking trade strategy and spending performance with active decision processes.

With HARKENDATA’s Manufacturing business intelligence services, you can get enterprise level access to manufacturing and operational data to improve quality and manufacturing performance and most importantly the bottom line. To learn more how we have helped your peers overcome their BI challenges, please visit our case studies or contact us.

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