Geospatial Business Intelligence Adding a Vital New Dimension to Your Analytics.

Until fairly recently, organizations have primarily used business intelligence (BI) solutions to analyze information within their enterprise regarding who, what, why and when. However, more and more organizations are recognizing that to get an accurate, 360° view of their business and operating performance, they must also ask where.

Geospatial business intelligence (GBI) has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes and industries that are seeking location-based insight, either to gain a competitive edge, improve organizational performance management or both. To understand how GBI analytics can help your operations, consider just a few possible scenarios:

  • Retailers – optimally locate stores to minimize the distance customers must travel to access services/products
  • Financial Institutions – pinpoint the best locations for new ATM machines
  • Insurance Companies – determine the impact zones of a severe storm to identify households for evacuation and how those impact zones may shift over time
  • Government Agencies – effectively track the outbreaks of deadly diseases and determine where to position your resources to be of the most help

By implementing geospatial Data Intelligence Solutions, your organization can rapidly add a valuable new dimension to your existing enterprise data to enhance decision-making. HARKEN DATA provides the following Geospatial Full Lifecycle Solution Services:

  • Geospatial assessment
  • Geospatial strategy
  • Geospatial development
    • Geocoding and data enrichment
    • Geospatial data management
    • Geospatial BI/analytics
  • Geospatial Quick Strike

HARKEN DATA has a solid track record of providing successful GBI consulting and implementation services to a wide range of commercial clients and government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as insurance and IT organizations nationwide. To learn about how we can help you get started on a GBI initiative or assist you in combining your existing GIS with other corporate data assets, please contact us.

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