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Data is one of the most important assets of any organization, yet many derive only a portion of the value of their information. Often the real value of information can only come from synthesizing a variety of fragmented sources — figures housed in a spreadsheet here, records in a database there, or a critical narrative in a misplaced management report.

Typically, the various fragments are known and accessible to only certain individuals — and by the time someone is able to hunt down all the data they need from these disparate sources, the initial opportunity may have passed, or the information may have already become out-of-date.

At HARKEN DATA, we offer flexible, affordable data management consulting services, customized for each client’s unique objectives. Our consulting services address the entire lifecycle of enterprise data management solutions, including:

  • User – Assessing the BI environment from the user’s perspective, we look at user autonomy (independence), availability of data and analytics, training and support
  • Organization – Evaluating the overall BI organization in terms of funding, project standardization, functional roles, ROI and overall approach to learning
  • Technical – Appraising the organization’s BI/decision support technology, analytic capabilities, architecture practice, and data acquisition and integration
  • Data – Gauging data coverage, acquisition, integration, quality and management, as well as logical and semantic data modeling, data governance and stewardship
  • Data Governance – Maintaining principles, policies, procedures and standards for the effective use of data
  • Data Stewardship – Orchestrating the day-to-day activities of creating, using and retiring data
  • Data Quality – Assessing whether current data assets are fit for their intended use
  • Data Integration – Using ETL/ELT processes to create a consistent, relevant and trusted view of data across business units and subject areas
  • Unstructured Data Integration – Extracting meaning from text using various linguistic techniques, adding structure and blending it with numerical data for analysis
  • Data Security and Privacy – Ensuring regulatory compliance across data subject areas, including monitoring and audit capabilities
  • Metadata Management – Organizing the people, processes and technical components needed to ensure that metadata is easily accessible, consistent, current, accurate and complete
  • Master Data Management – Creating consistency in reference and relationship data regarding product, customer, supplier and organizational issues
  • Data Architecture – Optimizing database availability and usage based on an understanding of business information needs, logical and physical data modeling and other activities

To learn more about our strategy services and the HARKEN DATA Way (our proprietary methodology), please review our website or contact us.

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