Providing Healthcare Business Intelligence to Organizations, Professionals and Agencies.

Leading healthcare and public health organizations understand the importance of business intelligence/data warehousing (BI/DW) and how analyzing complex data can result in actionable results, greater insight for improving patient/health care and reduced overall costs.

Enabling Hospital Decision-Makers with Better Insight

To address such challenges, hospital CEOs, CFOs and senior leadership are asking hard questions as they look for ways to improve patient care and, at the same time, maintain or even improve operating margins. For example, they may want to know which procedures generate the highest contribution to margins, and how they can increase margins for less profitable procedures without compromising the quality of care. Unfortunately, while most hospitals maintain a myriad of transactional systems and domain-specific data stores, the data is often not structured or easily accessible for analysis, and such questions go unanswered.

At HARKENDATA, our healthcare Data Intelligence Solutions are custom-built to address such questions. Our goal is to help hospitals maximize efficiencies throughout the organization by integrating large volumes of existing data that reside within many separate systems (involving claims, care, patients, providers, etc.) into a data warehouse to empower management with greater insight and decision-making capabilities. As a result, we’re able to help solve many of the most pressing and complex information challenges that healthcare organizations face, including:

  • Creating a BI/DW environment that is aligned with enterprise goals
  • Developing an enterprise view of compartmentalized and fragmented data systems
  • Supporting external departmental data sharing
  • Improving data quality and data management

Ensuring Compliance with Health Care Reform Laws

In addition to providing more strategic views of patient outcomes and operational and financial performance, healthcare business intelligence can play a major role in helping hospitals track compliance with requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. This ability is especially in terms of those provisions that offer financial incentives from Medicare and Medicaid for the implementation and meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs), physicians’ electronic submissions of prescriptions, smoking cessation care for patients and others. Our healthcare Data Intelligence Solutions can help hospital executives easily monitor progress in these and other compliance areas, make adjustments when progress is lacking and expedite the process of reporting to regulators.

Helping to Improve Hospital Operations

HARKENDATA has proven experience helping leading healthcare organizations bring together financial, clinical and administrative data into a common repository to support analytical reporting. This reporting enables key stakeholders to make more informed strategic, tactical, clinical and operational decisions — a capability that is not possible when critical data remains bottled up in transactional and siloed reporting systems. By integrating disparate data and enabling analytical reporting, HARKENDATA helps healthcare organizations improve performance across the following areas:

  • Financial reporting
  • Clinical outcomes and patient value
  • Hospital operations
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Claims analysis
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality and safety of patient care

In short, we have proven experience helping healthcare organizations succeed — not only by complying with reporting requirements, but also by enabling more strategic, tactical and operational decision-making. When the very survival of a hospital can depend upon the timely availability of quality information, healthcare business intelligence is a critical tool.

Equipping Government Healthcare Agencies to Fulfill Their Missions

HARKENDATA helps our public health clients maximize efficiencies throughout their organizations by integrating large volumes of existing data (demographics, disease, etc.) that reside within the organization. Increasingly, we’re also integrating data from external sources, such as social media environments, into data warehouses that empower management with greater insight and decision-making capabilities.

HARKENDATA’s Government & Healthcare practice focuses on government agencies, payers and providers, helping them utilize data as well as data warehousing and decision support tools to achieve new levels of operational effectiveness and constituent service. One of the greatest values we provide to our clients is that we understand their mission-critical issues, in addition to business intelligence technology. The HARKENDATA Team leverages our healthcare sector institutional knowledge and industry best practices for DW architecture, data acquisition, database design, reporting and analysis to bring the best value to our clients while mitigating delivery risk.

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