Informatica Data Integration Expertise.

HARKEN DATA’s Informatica data integration services takes data acquisition to the next level of detail, using Metadata and Master Data management techniques to create a meaningful and trusted information environment within an integrated subject area data model. Our Informatica consulting services help organizations identify, load, and combine the master and transactional data required to meet their business requirements into their data warehouse.

We deliver a data integration processing environment (Trusted Data) and surrounding processes that include the fundamentals provided with data acquisition (data cleansing, data transformation, error handling, scheduling, process restart-ability, environment administration and auditable/traceable data movement), and also combines master and transactional data into an integrated data model.

We have delivered Informatica based solutions for a variety of industries including:


  • Billing Consolidation
  • Single View of Customer

Financial Institutions

  • Compliance and Risk
  • Securities and Payments


  • Real-time, Traffic Analysis
  • Operational Certification


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Force Automation


  • Consolidated View of Patient
  • Claim Management


  • Defense Intelligence
  • Civilian Services

With this expertise and experience, HARKEN DATA is the clear choice for designing and implementing Informatica as part of any data integration solution. We invite you to learn more about HARKEN DATA and our data management services by exploring our site or contacting us.

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