Enhancing BI and Analytics with Location Intelligence

RESTON, Virginia – February 14, 2011 – HARKEN DATA, formerly known as Provansys Corporation , a strategy and technology consultancy focused exclusively on business intelligence (BI) and analytic solutions, today announced the expansion of its BI service offerings with the addition of Geospatial Business Intelligence (GBI) services.

Traditionally, companies have looked at geospatial data in a separate environment via a Geographic Information System (GIS). With HARKEN DATA’s GBI solutions, companies have the ability to directly incorporate geospatial analytics with data that the company already possesses within its data warehouse, allowing for more informed decision making. All industries can use GBI to their advantage, for example:

  • Retailers could readily combine customer profitability and purchase history from their data warehouse with customer-to-store distance calculations and density analytics in order to better inform promotion, inventory, and store placement decisions.
  • Insurance companies can use location intelligence to identify the risk exposure at a property’s exact location vs. postal code to better price their policies and to better understand their aggregate risk.
  • Hospitals and Public Health Organizations can analyze current disease rates across population segments in certain geographies and forecast resource requirements for disease management and future population implications.
  • Communication providers can reduce customer churn by analyzing network performance within the context of customer profile and usage location to better inform capacity planning decisions.

HARKEN DATA’s GBI services portfolio includes GBI Assessment, Strategy, and Implementation; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Location Data Integration; Geocoding and Data Enrichment; and business analytic services. To jumpstart a company’s geospatial BI initiative, HARKEN DATA offers GBI Quick-Strike, a short-term proof of value engagement that demonstrates the value of GBI using the company’s own data and business scenarios, via a single platform that combines the power of both geospatial analysis and visualization with the BI tool of the customer’s choice.

“With HARKEN DATA’s GBI services and our industry-specific expertise, we offer companies a compelling solution that provides new business insight by incorporating location information and analytics directly with an existing data warehouse, BI applications, and visualization tools,” said Dan Ross, Managing Partner. “We have crafted our GBI solutions for organizations that may be just getting started with geospatial analytics as well as for companies that already have a GIS in production and wish to extend it with information in their data warehouse.”

HARKEN DATA’s GBI service offerings will enable co mpanies to better serve their customers and improve their competitive positioning. HARKEN DATA will be showcasing its GBI service offerings at the TDWI BI Executive Summit on February 14-16 in Las Vegas, NV.


HARKEN DATA, formerly known as Provansys, is an industry leading consultancy that delivers best in class business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing strategy, architecture and implementation services that enable organizations to realize the full benefits of their data and information assets. Learn more at

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