Our client is a global leader in providing a comprehensive array of services that enable institutions and individuals to move and manage their financial assets in more than 100 markets worldwide.


HARKEN DATA was engaged with the client to implement a Business Intelligence System across their nine sectors. The system helps the sector heads and management to improve sales through better cross-selling, improve marketing through better customer segmentation, and measure the business based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). HARKEN DATA performed, an Enterprise Information Strategy assessment and a BI application upgrade, and deployed a new BI solution and financial reporting system. The HARKEN DATA team also assisted in improvements to the Financial Toolbox, provided technical services and methodological processes to streamline day-to-day end-user support operations and facilitated the continual improvement and expansion of the MicroStrategy BI application. Performance tuning and data model recommendations were given to improve report execution time and support growth of the system.

The HARKEN DATA team started out by reviewing the current reporting architecture at the nine sectors and the underlying data storage. Meetings were held with all sector heads and/or their representatives to refine their reporting requirements based on a list of priority 1 reports. Data gaps were identified and the team provided recommendations on filling these gaps. After the metric requirements of the Priority 1 reports were finalized, our team compiled a list of MicroStrategy report templates that the business users to create a large variety of reports. These reports were developed, tested and deployed. Our team conducted benchmark performance analysis and tuned reports and system proactively. HARKEN DATA also recommended and performed an upgrade of their MicroStrategy implementation to utilize several new features that would result in better performance of the reporting and export processes from the Web interface.

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