BCP for Harken Data’s workforce for COVID-19

1 – Does your organization have a pandemic plan to respond to and recover from mass absenteeism events,

such as the COVID-19?
Yes. Customer success is very important to us at Harken Data. We do not foresee any impact to the delivery of any
Harken Data services due to COVID-19 at this time, and as always, we are committed to keeping our services and
support available to our customers around the globe and communicating any changes promptly.

Our staff and systems are geographically dispersed and capable of working remotely from anywhere. Our cloud-
based architecture model and distributed data center approach is designed to operate without any service

We also have formed an internal COVID-19 Preparedness Team to mitigate any potential disruptions to our
business, if necessary in the future.

2 – As part of the pandemic plan, does your organization have strategies that include transferring work and

work remote capabilities?
Yes. As a cloud-first company with a geographically-dispersed team, and a flexible and remote workforce, we are
prepared to virtually manage business continuity challenges throughout the globe. Our approach is designed to
ensure that our service remains available to our customers during times of natural disaster or other unexpected
and challenging events.

3 – Has your organization taken precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among its employee

Yes. The following guidance is in place for all Harken Data employees:
Restricting all non-essential domestic and international air travel for Harken Data business.
Continuing travel for essential business functions only, such as delivering services to clients where onsite visits are
required or contractually obligated, but all travel plans must be approved by both the direct manager and their
respective Executive Committee leader. Travel to high-risk areas has been restricted.
Restriction on in-person events such as conferences and trade shows.
Guidance has been distributed to all employees regarding work from home should the need arise.

4 – For employees that may have had exposure, have steps within your organization been taken to quarantine

them for a specific duration?
Should an employee or contractor suspect they have been exposed, they have been instructed to seek medical
attention and to self-isolate for 14 days, as per guidance and recommendations published by the U.S. Center for
Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

5 – Is there currently an impact to any of your organization’s locations?

There is no impact now nor do we expect an impact to our business operations in the foreseeable future. Any
change to this status will be communicated promptly to our customers.

6 – Have steps been taken to address any potential impacts associated with third-parties that support your

operations from a pandemic perspective?
There is no impact now nor do we expect an impact in the foreseeable future to any of the third-parties that
support the Harken Data operations. Any change to this status will be communicated promptly to our customers.

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